About The Code

We don’t really learn about courage, wisdom and compassion from reading a book - we learn it by being in the lion’s mouth!

The world is emerging into a new era of super-crises precipitating both global-collective and personal breakdowns. The SuperHEROCode equips people to cope with every kind of challenge, allowing them to effectively move from breakdown to breakthrough and maintain renewed clarity and purpose.

Through its 12 stages, the map of the Code takes the individual out of denials – conscious and unconscious, forming a new foundation to lead him/her to living with higher purpose and greater meaning. To help the individual in his/her journey, tools to interpret the map of The Code are provided.


These tools are based on ancient wisdoms fleshed out in myths and legends and modern psychological and western business success principles. This is what makes Susie’s work unique… her ability to synthesize wisdoms has been hailed as genius.

Following legendary film-maker George Lucas‘s principle that “people do not like lectures but like to be entertained”, The Code's format accompanies people in their personal journey by showing them how ordinary yet remarkable people have done larger than life things when they followed The Code. It also reveals how they got stuck and dealt with setbacks, disappointments and betrayals.

We do not define Super HERO merely as a Hero or Lifesaver, but as one who has had a) the courage to follow his or her calling, b) obtained the necessary knowledge and skills and c) used that wisdom and experience for the benefit of all.


The impulse behind The Code is to tap into the natural goodness in us all... to create wholeness.  It’s about people redeeming each other, getting past their own barriers and isolation to live with passion again and to re-engage in life, hopefully in a more positive way. The Code encourages greatness through the recognition and acceptance of our highest self-value once more, then pouring out life force in the cause of world service with loving compassion and kindness. Living with higher purpose and helping others gives greater meaning and that creates happiness. 


The central theme of The Code focuses on being open honest and learning how to assertively share our deepest thoughts and feelings – the good the bad the ugly in everyday interactions overcoming unconscious control dramas giving others permission to engage fully from heart also. When we fail to deal with our own personal shadow defects, planetary shadow issues escalate and we tend to get the corrupt governments and corporations we deserve perpetuating from broken systems of relationship and communication - a broken world, broken people, broken marriages, broken children. 


The challenge of The Code is - are we willing to change this by changing ourselves? Learn how to navigate the twelve levels of The Code and how to embrace every aspect of this unfolding to wholeness. 


Based on her award winning book A Map to God (Best Personal Spiritual Development Book of the Year –  on the shelves now of the world famous  Bodleian Research Library in Oxford), Susie provides a map of evolving consciousness, identifying all the challenges and pitfalls along the way and all the tools for transformation ever needed for self- realisation. 


The Code shows how to find the courage to enter the lion's mouth, the crucible of transformation to learn how to truly live with love strength balance wisdom and power!  



"Oh and I loved the nutritional insights and the films she showed to support the concepts shared daily were just so uplifting and inspirational.  I feel like I have been to Hogwarts (Harry Potter Wizard School) totally transformed, clear from pain and addiction to pain medications, knowing the safe way to approach  energy work and the importance of doing your shadow work first.  I also get now  the importance of a daily spiritual reconnection routine with Reiki.  

I am the same person but better - hope filled and incredibly grateful and happy. I am incredulous about the miracle healings I witnessed and my own. Yes, I am a  firm believer now."    

WR  The SuperHEROCode Retreat July 2017 attendee