This is a one day get together at my home near Wells, Somerset from 10 am to 6 pm and at the beautiful Sussex home of renowned artist and sculptor Ginger Gilmour... Also available remotely as online sessions using video calling.

I am 63 now and always asked how do I look so young especially bearing in mind my life story? Come and find out!

In a nutshell...

It's by fusing together ancient lost or hidden knowledge from Chinese Mystical Traditions, Mystical Qaballah Wisdoms and Japanese and Tibetan Super Reiki Energy Mastery Teachings into a simple daily 10 or 20 minutes energy healing and visualisation technique. It works.


From an amazing synthesis of dynamic revelations, you too can learn this incredibly simple daily practice to reverse the ageing clock, reduce cortisol the stress hormone and build up all the feel-good chemicals oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine.


Moreover, you will learn how to work with Reiki Acupuncture... and Osteopathy to fast track release of mental and emotional excess baggage you have carried around for decades that weighs you down and makes you look older... grey even with those black circles under the eyes.I am offering powerful group cleansing, healings and attunements to frequencies to enable you to feel INSTANTLY greater self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, vibrant inner radiance, vitality, peacefulness, power.


I am offering tools for transformation to take home to master complete self-healing via my very own unique brand of Qaballah Tree of Life Healing. Pioneering leading-edge work.


First, though we will explore together and dismantle all the blocks to aligning to your fullest expression of beauty. My energy work will help you feel safe to be beautiful. I can help you to break through all the false media projections of contrived beauty ideals that you could never imagine living up to and so give up.


Experience magical everlasting shamanic energy clearings to dismantle any subtle yet powerful programming or imprinting you are holding onto.


Experience my famous... unique energy mastery techniques to remove all the blocks to allowing beauty, youthful radiance, vitality and healing to fully manifest in your lives.


Everyone who comes on my retreats or workshops or even just a one-hour session always leaves looking between 10 to 20 years younger! Now you can find out how.


So we will do before and after pictures… some of these are shown below.


Come prepared to also align to your own personal archetypal version of beauty so think of an icon you wish to merge with and begin to look just like her… or him. Men are also welcome too!!!


Your deposit of £200 is due when you book with the remaining balance due 2 weeks before the start of the course.  Everyone's circumstances are different; if you are in genuine need, there is always a plan... contact me.


Please bear in mind this is 5 days work for me... 2 days prepping the energies one-day initiating clearing healing transmitting new frequencies then 2 days clearing... I get results because I work hard for them.