The Power of the Word - Speaking Inclusively

Words don’t have legs but they travel …



And God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light. The universe is spoken into existence. God didn’t say, ‘I am moving towards, possibly after attending another angel workshop, I want to one day gradually  eventually be able to maybe… well perhaps try to make light, because I should, ought to – must...’


Why do we speak like this and dis-empower ourselves with words? The Buddha advised us that whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people even if they don’t hear these words will be influenced by them for good or ill.  Essentially every word we utter is a prayer coming into manifestation and has great power.  Yet most of us don’t even think before we speak let alone realise the power of our words.


Susie teaches very good ways of ‘reframing’ seemingly negative states of experience so that we see and feel the inherent good within them and start to fully embody that good.  When we make a new positive choice and desire it greatly, all the ‘reasons why not’ arise in us, however. All the times in the past when we did not succeed, all the training from our parents and authority figures that taught us that such a thing is not possible, all these fears arise and tell us to leave things as they are and not to even try to make changes.


This is a good and natural step of the process. In order to make deep changes, we need to confront and vanquish all the ‘why nots’ within us. 


Confronting and conquering fear is a natural stage towards developing a deeper state of courage, self-assurance and faith and Susie shows how these fears need to be met with courage and love.