​Each and every one of has at least one call to the Super HERO Code

We are all called to reconnect to the Super HERO inside when we experience some kind of awakening (initiation), but not all of us choose to respond to it. In fact only a courageous few of us know what action to take and take that action to change to actually become our Super HERO best selves.


Yet… each and every one of us has at least one life changing event, be it the death of a loved one, divorce, redundancy or something that causes the personality to meet the super hero inside, and at this time we are given the opportunity to choose which voice we are going to listen to in order to live the second part of our life in a much bolder more powerful way, embracing greatness.


When we choose to live the Super HERO way… we will find an unfolding of a life much greater than we could have anticipated which we definitely, in the ordinary scheme of things, didn’t see coming or dream could ever be possible. Loss, pain and suffering are, therefore, ultimately gifts. They put us back in touch with others and their pain and loss and suffering. That’s where our greatness is.

The Code…     Remembering how to        Reconnect to Spirit & Live Magically

​The key to becoming our Super HERO Best Self

The key is waking up to what doesn’t work and then making different choices in ways that help to create a more balanced self and a healthier world.


Everybody has to look at his or her own footprint and then intend, will and commit to do and be the best they can to be part of the solution. When we understand and can master our own personal power for the greatest good, the gift of all this is felt in a deeply fulfilling emotional life, having a strong??


Setbacks create chaos. Chaos results when the world changes faster than people are willing to change. I would say from what’s I have learned that the Super HERO knows however, that our most authentic discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish, that this breeds life - adventure, when order breeds habit - stagnation. 


We are living in a new era of super crisis… in chaotic, destructive times thanks to earthquakes, fires, oil spills, hurricanes and tornados, floods, climate change, wars, terrorist attacks and global economic collapse just to name the challenges that are making the headlines recently. Feelings of fear generated by increasing uncertainty of what might be next are a natural result. With all the intensifying increasing chaos, unpredictability and navigation through the unknown, it is easy to lose our centre and perspective.


According to ancient wisdoms, chaos was seen as the divine way of creating an upheaval in order to break through patterns of denial that held a person emotionally or mentally captive. I believe that chaos brings about necessary endings to ways of living that cease to serve the well-being of humanity ie, old ego based patterns of fear, lack, greed and abuse of power. sense of purpose, healthy belonging, and an ability to creatively accomplish life tasks in ways that increase enjoyment and improve our world.


Everyone on earth today has within them an aspect of these super heroic qualities, gifts which are sacred and unique to that individual and which only they can determine to find.  Susie’s gift is showing you all how to.