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In a world where Schadenfreude is bringing out the very worst in the masses The Super HERO Code digs deeper to find the very best in us all and to focus on solutions to consistently achieving that best. 


Socrates said, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ The Super HERO Code shows people what is possible within and around them, and through self- examination, the Super HERO qualities we can all reconnect to within each of us. It's purpose is to help the world wake up from a slumber that is quite dangerous. 


Pioneering the field of Inspirational Psychology combined with Energy Mastery is an essential endeavour much needed by humanity at this time.


The Super Hero Code is based on a synthesis of wisdoms from diverse tribal and cultural traditions, ancient myths and legends, modern day comic book stories combined with leading edge transpersonal psychological breakthrough techniques. 


Created by award winning author, mentor, healer Susie Anthony, the Code is at the forefront of this vital new and important field of self -discovery.

Supercharged superheroes George Orwell and Benjamin Franklin suggested that life is about being informative, persuasive and delightful. They suggested early to Susie that life is but a stark empty box we are set in unless we learn through talking and writing to extend our wings.

Susie’s life’s work, embodied in the Code, centres on this set of higher facts about fate and freedom. The Super HERO Code Retreat brings this into a sharper, almost angelic, focus. 


Come listen, participate, learn how to map out your own life through the lens of the Code and fly!

Digging Deeper
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