Pessel Retreats The Dordogne region and our local Perigord Noir area has a wealth of delightful beauty spots, towns, villages, castles, rivers, caves, gardens, forests and natural scenery to enrich the retreat experience. This area, known for its prehistory, has caves with world-famous paintings and troglodyte dwellings to give a sense of ancient life, and all are within a short drive of Domaine de Pessel.

We highly recommend these two outings for relevance and interest:

The inspiring and magical crystal formations at the caves of Maxange are a 15-minute drive, offering an outing suitable for a post-lunch visit.​​​

Founded in 1115, the Abbey at Cadouin is a World Heritage Site, situated on the St Jacques Camino de Compostella, with the possibility of visiting the Cloisters and the abbey itself, which has a beautiful energy and calm space. Important pilgrims welcomed by the abbey included Eleanor of Aquitaine and Richard the Lion Heart.

There are in addition many stunning well-preserved villages such as Limeuil, Beynac, Domme, Castelnaud and La Roque Gageac, situated along the Dordogne, perched on cliffs, meandering along the banks of the Dordogne, holding formerly vital strategic positions to protect from invasions. These are a 30 – 40 minute drive, offering a fascinating outing for an afternoon.


The gardens of Marqueyssac (about 45 minutes away) with their superbly shaped topiary box hedges, peacocks and stunning views also make a wonderful outing – in peak season, there is the weekly possibility to visit in the evening when the gardens are lit by candles – magical indeed.



The medieval city of Sarlat provides a charming outing with plenty of restaurants and interest.

There are also vineyards, walnut museums and oil mills, breweries, distilleries, markets and crafts – plus canoeing, kayaking, hot-air ballooning, walking, cycling and horse-riding amongst many other possibilities for relaxation, stimulation and general enjoyment.


The website has an extensive list of possibilities