I chanced to get an introduction to Susie Anthony through my wife’s friend in France and she kindly agreed to see me to talk about Reiki.  I had recently been attuned (and my wife Michele) and I both had lots of questions and to be truthful we had had some really awful experiences.  Susie was able to give me some pointers by finding out my ‘status’ by asking me to give her a session. Then the miracles began.   She not only was able to just ‘know’ where my Reiki tuition so far was lacking and even potentially quite dangerous in terms of having no means to protect myself.  Incredibly to me she also worked on me whilst I thought I was giving her some healing.

My background is that 17 years ago I was squashed by a 26 tons truck.  I had all kinds of really debilitating injuries  and was on legally prescribed morphine  at home.  I had worked to wean myself off a really toxic combination of all kinds of pain and mood medications,  but at the time of the Retreat was still using natural pain medication due to the sometimes daily agonizing pain.  My arm had been paralysed due severe nerve damage and it had been largely inert for 17 years.  I couldn’t move it much at all and after the healing all the pain was gone literally everywhere – I could move my arm quite alot and the psychic attack I had received in a formerly unprotected Reiki session, which felt like a knife in my back was also completely gone.  Even stopping the natural pain remedy the pain was gone.  I felt like I had been reborn and could only describe this as an all time best high of total feel-good factor!!!

Synchronicity then took control and Susie had had a last minute cancellation so invited my wife and I to join her Retreat.  She sensed our need for a proper foundation of knowledge of all the Reiki how to and how to protect.  Our teacher did not teach us the sacred Hui Yin energy circulation which is the ultimate protection at Reiki 2 and vital to have held this for several years before learning Reiki Master Levels to attune others!  Such a huge comfort to get all this and the incredible Retreat teachings, which have left me totally pain free, able to let go of rage-filled emotions I had hung onto for so long and which caused incredible fatigue and to put it mildly grumpiness.  I had just been married to the love of my life the week before and Susie Anthony – an extraordinary woman, her pioneering teachings and devotion to helping others succeed (even remotely with absent healing), well it’s been the best wedding present and the most dynamic and powerful way to start married life. We are going to the September Retreat to re-learn and re-attune to Reiki 1&2 which Susie is doing as a special add-on so we get what we need to go even further.  


Oh and I loved the nutritional insights and the films she showed to support the concepts shared daily were just so uplifting and inspirational.  I feel like I have been to Hogwarts (Harry Potter Wizard School) totally transformed, clear from pain and addiction to pain medications, knowing the safe way to approach  energy work and the importance of doing your shadow work first. I also get now  the importance of a daily spiritual reconnection routine with Reiki. I am the same person but better - hopefilled and incredibly grateful and happy.  I am incredulous about the miracle healings I witnessed and my own, yet a firm believer now.      

 WR  The SuperHEROCode Retreat July 2017

Dr Susie Anthony is a world class, supremely gifted healer, mentor, author and spiritual teacher. Her life experience is immense, she embodies a teaching style that is truly unique, supportive, deeply moving and profound. 


She is widely admired for her courage, deep wisdom, humility, warm heart, exquisite beauty, elegance, uncompromising authenticity, honesty, compassion, sense of humour, loyalty, generosity of spirit and deep integrity.  Susie is a leading feminine role model of our times. A genuine life changer, deeply committed to truth, personal psychological development and spiritual growth. 


Miracles happen to her clients and students – I saw these with my own eyes on the French SuperHEROCode Retreat. Highly recommended!

 BM, London Wellness Coach, Harvard Lifestyle Medicine Guru – July 2017 SuperHEROCode retreat attendee

As a very busy medical professional, I have observed and received healing from Susie for a number of years. Her clarity, consistency, knowledge, dedication and compassion are huge.

This July ‘SuperHEROCode’ retreat was profound for me and I witnessed it to be so for the other attendees. The care, attention to detail and Susie’s passion to share deeply then deeper still is truly mind blowing. I have never felt so relaxed, at peace within myself and with life in general.

Susie also offers tough love for the greatest good in all the right places. Susie, the safe private, absolutely stunning location in Brittany and the loving nurturing was a revelation.  I was honoured to attend and am humbled and grateful.  I’ll be back in September AND next year to continue this incredible journey to self-nurturing, total self- love and acceptance, authenticity.

DR CG The SuperHEROCode Retreat July 2017


Being a superhero isn't easy - yet we all have one inside. Indeed Susie has trod where many fear to, and has come back with a map and plenty of inspiration to share. 

This retreat invited us to step off the hamster wheel of our daily lives, and take a deeper trek into the Hero's Journey - which I first encountered through Susie's book 'A map to God' and through the works of Joseph Campbell.  

Campbell researched many world myths and beliefs looking for the essence of stories and of the human condition. He created the Hero's Journey based on his discoveries, the one common pattern across all cultures, and began to share it - notably with George Lucas who then wrote Star Wars based upon it. Susie has drawn from this work and significantly evolved it.

Campbell’s famous quote ‘Follow your Bliss’ comes from the ancient Hindu insight that the Soul has the qualities of Absolute Truth (Sat), Absolute Consciousness (Chit) & Bliss (Ānand). Campbell didn’t know or hadn’t experienced Sat or Chit but he recognised Ananda – Bliss.  Susie teaches from all three, and her work draws from many vastly diverse traditions too, synthesising what is most needed at this time of great change, risk and opportunity. 

Supported by Susie’s energy work we were guided to use many of these tools together.  She created a space where we could, without judgement, recognize our darker aspects for just a second,  then focus 100% of the rest of our time to dig deep for the real gold underneath. 

During the week we wrote up in the third person some of our darkest moments as heroic fairy tales which was hugely emotional satisfying and rewarding. Hearing people's stories read aloud from a compassionate witness standpoint was moving in ways I didn't expect. 


Living together with such a diverse bunch of people and yet with a community spirit also helped bring up what else we needed to be paying attention to in ourselves: all the presumptions and projections that colour, cloud and prevent true connection to Self and others and distort authentic interpretation of the world around us.


What better place, surrounded by incredible natural beauty, to challenge ourselves yet also rediscover and reconnect to the beauty within us - with beautiful food  and lifestyle advice, nurturing treatments and therapies. 


By the end of the week when I looked in the mirror I saw a renewed confidence and optimism in myself, and had rekindled my passion for the natural world around me.  I looked fifteen years younger!  We all left with a full box of tools: to make radical yet simple, manageable positive changes to our lives, and with a deepening knowledge of how to create for ourselves a pragmatic clarity of vision, personal integrity and above all self-care and empowerment.

This is genuine, passionate, fierce work. Above all Susie reminds us that spiritual integrity is important no matter what are goals in life, and enlightenment is not just a noun, it's a verb.It is something that you do, and that anyone can do, and that we are worth it.  I have already booked for September this year to experience more and go deeper.


L W  The SuperHEROCode Retreat – Gites des Anges France 2017 – July

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