The greater efficacy of the SuperHEROCode personal development mentoring programme stems from its ability to bring an awakening to spirituality in all, regardless of the individual’s beliefs, religion, or spiritual practice.


The Invitation

Through genuine caring, love and respect, on this unique retreat you'll be helped  to remember how to relax, rest and detach to create powerful and authentic healing. 


Learn all of  the ‘how to’ of putting 'Humpty Dumpty' back together again…  Even if you have not had a great fall or crisis, come and learn how to deal with the inevitable before it happens!


Spend quality time in groups of up to 8 people with world renowned multiple award-winning personal excellence author/mentor/healer, Susie Anthony. Susie has worked with Monarchs, heads of multi-billion corporations, billionaires, spy chiefs, police chiefs, TIME Magazine top 25 most influential people, super models and a host of Hollywood A Listers...


Be assisted to dig deeper into your own psyche expanding on the more traditional revitalisation and wellness themes, placing dynamic emphasis on deep relaxation to enhance psychological and spiritual transformation and massive personal empowerment.

What's On Offer

Be assisted to dig deeper into your own awareness expanding on the more traditional revitalisation and wellness theme, placing dynamic emphasis on deep relaxation to enhance total self- transformation and massive personal empowerment and you could leave looking 20 years younger!

  • Discover secrets of energy mastery creating naturally from within eternal youth and radiant vitality.

  • An introduction to enhanced personal magnetism through secret breath-work which youthens!

  • Learn best kept secrets -  how to remain calm/centred/balanced in the midst of all of life’s chaos!

  • Harnessing your own personal power, using power of words and imagination to create miracles.

  • Discover an ancient ‘Code’ that once remembered makes sense of life and all it’s challenges…  This Code was the subject of Susie’s award winning book as featured on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme.

  • Exploring Historic Archetypal Influencers & Attuning to Their Qualities.

  • Learn the art of raw food living with Harvard Lifestyle Medicine pioneering tips for a better life.

  • Leading Edge Body Work with expert Massage Therapist.

  • Discover the extraordinary healing power of Vibrational Raindrop Massage from Young Living Oils.

  • Excursions to crops circles, sacred sites, mystical power points in addition to Wells Cathedral, Glastonbury Abbey, Stonehenge, Cheddar Gorge, Glastonbury Tor and many other wonderous sights.

If you are tired of seeing the world’s precious resources depleted, can’t run any faster on the treadmill, or realize that more does not equal happier, these retreats will open your life to greater understanding and happiness, healing, opportunity and purpose.


  • Overcoming Stress… Learn about the major causes of stress in particular… The Schumann Resonances and Human Psychobiology and How Our brain waves share and are attuned to certain frequencies of the Schumann’s resonances, the ELF signals that pulsate between the Earth’s crust and ionosphere.  Susie re-attunes and aligns people to new earth frequencies.

  • Discover how to cope with setbacks…  Setbacks create chaos. Chaos results when the world changes faster than people are willing to change. Yet authentic discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish, that this breeds life - adventure, when order breeds habit - stagnation.  Susie is waking people up on retreat.

  • Reclaiming Psychological Balance… Depression is a wake-up call telling us that somewhere we have been living our lives out of harmony with spirit. The resultant lack of meaning in our lives causes fear, pain and anger.  When we deny these negative feelings, we feel depressed. Ultimately, we are also depressed because we have forgotten our best selves and our best destinies.  Susie reminds us of our personal best on retreat.

  • Finding Courage… Life begins where our fears end. Once we realise we are the dreamers of the dream and the dream we can become powerful dreamers provided we feel worthy to receive. The Code shows us how to remove the blocks to receiving.

  • Becoming Ageless… The beginners path is about learning to hear the voice of your own soul. Completion is listening to it and taking right action AND The Code shows you how... the best part of all this how is you could look twenty years younger, and this can happen literally overnight! Read testimonials from previous retreats.​

The Place

The Well House nestles into the side of the Mendip Hills above the village of Draycott, between Cheddar Gorge and Wells. It has beautiful courtyard gardens and spectacular views across the Mendip Levels and is a 5-minute walk to a National Trust Conservation Area designated a place of outstanding natural beauty.

To Whet Your Appetite

Delicious home cooked fresh food of the region –  a celebration of nourishing foods for breakfast lunch and dinner – keeping in mind that food is medicine and we are what we eat.

Link:   To Whet Your Appetite - Read More Here

The Last Word...

Learning to understand and apply the teachings of The Super HERO Code heralds the return of another much better way of living accessed through higher self-knowledge, alignment to service, a return to love, the gift of all this being higher purpose and greater meaning in our lives - HAPPINESS.

We all spend so much money on making ourselves happy and it doesn’t last yet when we make another person happy, we feel happy ourselves. The Super HERO Code retreats are ultimately all about how to make the change from ‘me-thinking to we-thinking’ as we learn how to transform by understanding and applying the wisdoms of all kinds of myths both ancient and modern. Much of this mythical wisdom is being regurgitated today even and especially in modern day comic book super-heroes – believe it or not.

Without exception, we are all of us personally and collectively entering the white water rapids of conscious human evolution. Discover here on retreat the Map and the Code… all the keys of how to manage this unprecedented leap in consciousness effectively and efficiently with minimal stress.

Over the years I have gone through many diverse life and death type trials, setbacks and formidable ordeals to fight and tame my dragons, to follow my passion and find my bliss… I could never have survived without applying the wisdoms gleaned from both ancient and modern myths, legends and stories.

I have written an award winning book about this (‘A Map to God’) and far from being ignored by the national mainstream media, it was featured on ITV This Morning. It’s been suggested that this book would make an ideal manual for anyone interested in super-hero living! The book contains an ancient alchemical map of awakening… and the keys to interpret the map… like The Super HERO Code; it’s an outstanding synthesis of ‘maps to empowerment materials and tools for transformation’.

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